• GCL will provide competitive salary and comprehensive benefits, here you can feel the perfect personal service and can fully enjoy the personal interest.



    The company takes part in the annual salary survey, timely and accurately understand the status of the market salary, salary review at the end of each year, according to the staff performance and market conditions fair and impartial Objective Adjustment of staff salaries. In addition to the basic wages, the company also give year-end bonuses and performance bonuses based on the annual operating conditions and individual performance appraisal results.



    In addition, according to the national policy for employees to pay social insurance and housing provident fund, the company for employees to purchase accident insurance, term life insurance and supplementary medical insurance, at the same time provide family welfare plan for employees' children and spouses, to relieve the menace from the rear of employees.



    The company provides meals and transportation subsidies, heating and cooling costs, weddings and family gifts allowance for employees. In order to keep a certain level of key personnel, the company also set up a special retention bonus planned to reward the employees of the company's long-term loyal service, where the company key personnel continuous work full three years, can obtain a certain amount of retention bonus.



    In addition to the national holidays and annual leave, employees can enjoy a certain number of days paid sick leave, paid leave, vacation etc. more humane holiday.



    The company regularly organizes staff team building activities, annual tourism and other colorful recreational activities, in order to enrich the amateur life of employees.



    Company to help overseas students to return to settle down, to help meet the conditions of the staff to apply for a residence permit in Beijing, as far as possible in terms of employee accounts and files to meet the needs of employees.