Over 200 honors for ten year development

With more than ten years of development, GCL has won the recognition from its clients, the media and the public and has received over 200 honors of various kinds.


Thanks to its stable development, GCL was awarded as the "Best Insurer in Innovation and Development", "Excellent Insurer in Corporate Governance" and "Prize for Solid Business Development" by 21st Century Business Herald for three consecutive years.


Owing to its remarkable achievements in talent training, technological innovation, convenient service and brand building, GCL was honored as the "Outstanding Company in Recruiting High-level Overseas Talents" by Beijing Chaoyang District Government, the "Best Annual Corporate Image" by China Insurance Marketing magazine, and the "Insurer with the Fastest Claim Service" by


In addition, GCL has received highly praise from the popular media and the public for its innovative and safe products. The "GCL Jin Xiang Annual B Comprehensive Financial Insurance Plan" was awarded as the "Most Reliable Bank Insurance Product of the Year" by National Business Daily. The "GCL Fu Xiang Jin Sheng Endowment Insurance (Participating with Dividend)" was awarded as the "Best Endowment Insurance Product" by CCTV Finance Channel and China Times.


In June 2012, GCL's AirB!z received the "Financial Innovation Prize (Third-Class)" awarded by the Government of Guangdong Province and got financial reward from the government.


In November 2012, GCL was awarded as the "Best Foreign Life Insurance Company of the Year" at the ceremony of "CBN Financial Value Ranking 2012" organized by China Business News (CBN). It was also awarded as the "Insurer with the Highest Customer Satisfaction of the Year" at the Summit on Strategic Development of Insurance Industry of the "10th China's Annual Financial Champion Awards" organized by Besides, it was honored as one of the "Top 10 Foreign Insurers" in the "List of Insurance brands Preferred by Millions of Middle-Class Families" sponsored by Money Week.


In December 2012, GCL was prized as the "Most Innovative Insurer of the Year" at the ceremony of "List of Golden Financial Institutions in China 2012" organized by Financial News. GCL's "GCL Bai Wan Hu Jia Traffic Accidental Insurance Package (2.0)" was awarded as the "Most Innovative Insurance Product of the Year" in the "Golden Tripod Award" Ceremony organized by National Business Daily.


In June, 2013, at the ceremony of Jin Rong Award — "South China Annual Financial Award 2013" which is honored as "Oscar" of the financial field in Guangdong, GCL's Financial Needs Analysis System (FNA) was awarded as "The Most Competitive Innovative Financial Product of the Year"


Honors, as part of the corporate culture, represent the image of the company and embody the trust from the government, the public, media and clients. The power of trust will help promote the development of GCL's corporate brand.