The new online financial management platform AirB!z is launched

GUANGZHOU. Generali China Life (GCL) presented “AirB!z : an new model of financial management” on 31st August. “AirB!z” is an innovative online insurance and financial management platform developed by GCL.


The online platform consists in a financial analysis system (FNA), a product proposal system (SIS) and an online application system, which provide one stop services including online analysis of financial needs, policy recommendation, immediate insurance application, premium payment and information enquiry.


With the advanced support of this e-platform, clients can apply insurance online with electronic signature and settle the payment within 30 minutes after the interview with a GCL agent.


Interpretation of “Technological GCL”


Upon the establishment of GCL, the company proposed the operating principle of “Technological GCL”. Over 10 year development, it has gradually formed five features in technological innovation, including stability, flexibility, convenience, security and risk control.


About stability: the company has successfully constructed the core business system for individual insurance, group insurance system, actuarial, finance, investment, sales management, call center, office and business processing platform, online self-service platform and other platforms to serve all clients and staff of GCL.


About flexibility: the company has established “online self-service platform”, “policy inquiry and non-financial information maintenance of individual insurance”, “claim settlement and non-financial information maintenance of group insurance”, “deposit plan and annuity inquiry of group insurance” and other business inquiry systems. The newly launched online declaration and maintenance functions have further improved the operating procedures and brought convenience to clients.


About convenience: AirB!z air insurance business is a good demonstration case. Insurance financial planners of the company carry out analysis on financial demand of clients with the professional FNA financial analysis system in Airb!z system, and customize personalized and diversified insurance portfolio for clients. Also, it can save the time of clients through online signature and withholding.


About security: the company has established a comprehensive security system to guarantee the security of company website and online service platform; however, what’s more important is to guarantee the security of data and client information of the company.


About risk control: the company has constructed professional quality control team, which evaluates the system carefully from many aspects such as research and development results and customer experience, so as to assure the quality. In the meantime, we also emphasize and continue the construction of information systemization. Besides, we have established the disaster recovery center and organized drills regularly. In case there is any accidental failure, it can recover immediately.