"Pepole have always looked at donations as a one-way street; from the donors to those who are in need of support. But there is much more to it. A return street; from them to us, which enriches our souls and contributes in making us better people"

                                                                                                            Renzo Isler
                                                                                                     General Manager


GCL is constantly committed to fulfill corporate citizenship. With a long time participation in the charity activities, it has built a sound brand of “Willing To Be Your Wings”, making GCL outstanding in this area among all the joint venture insurance companies. All the staffs in GCL are encouraged to dedicate themselves to the voluntary works.

Guided by the brand "WillingTo Be Your Wings", GCL HQs and branches have initiated more than 40 public welfare programs by themselves or cooperating with the NGOs, such as Red Cross, China Youth Development Foundation, All-China Women's Federation, and Paralympic Committee. These programs cover various aspects including sponsoring the uneducated students, helping the poor, disaster relief, environment protection, and sports. The total amount of donation and insurance premium contributed by the company has reached RMB 160 million.


A Glimpse of GCL's Public Welfare Programs

In 2006, GCL donated and built a Hope Primary School in Tianba village, Zhenyuan County, Pu'er City, Yunnan province. GCL has long been paying attention to the development of the school and the students and has set up the "GCL Scholarship". In December, 2012, GCL kicked off the "Bai An Hui Growth Plan" in which every student of the Hope Primary School is provided with an egg every day so that they can get the nutrition necessary for their growth.

Over the years, GCL has been actively participating in disaster relief and reconstruction in earthquake-hit areas. It has donated a total of RMB 2.1 million for Wenchuan and Ya'an regions in Sichuan and Yushu in Qinghai and offered more than 80 million' worth of insurances for disaster relief workers. Moreover, it established another Hope Primary School in Xinglong County, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province.