Generali China Life Insurance (GCL) has always advocating love for "people" and "life". When providing security for the society, GCL has placed equal importance to the social responsibility and love outreaching of the insurance industry, and kept returning the society with love and care.

GCL is one of the very few joint venture insurers that have its own charity brand. For GCL, “Willing to Be Your Wings” is not just a brand for public welfare, but more like a flag that leads every single employee of GCL on the path to the fulfilment of corporate civic responsibility. GCL head office and branches have, through own organization or cooperation with Red Cross, China Youth Development Foundation, Women’s Federation, Paralympic Committee, etc., held over 60 charity programs covering study aid, poverty relief, disaster relief, environmental protection and sports, and accumulatively donated cash and insurance coverage worth about 160 million yuan.

In 2006, GCL donated “Zhenyuan Sanhe GCL Hope Primary School” at Tianba Town, Zhenyuan County, Yunnan Pu’er City. GCL has been paying attention to the development of the school and the students, and has set up “GCL scholarship”.

In just two days after the "May 12 Earthquake" in 2008, GCL decided to donate 300,000 yuan to Red Cross Society of China in the company’s name, helping people in the stricken area out of difficulty. In addition, GCL employees actively responded to the call of help, and donated over 210,000 yuan to Red Cross Society of China. Later, GCL again donated 500,000 yuan in the name of the company, and built "GCL Hope Primary School" in Xinglong Township of Sichuan’s Guanghan City in 2009 with the help of Sichuan Youth Development Foundation, helping children in the quake-stricken areas in Sichuan back to school.

On April 14, 2010, a 7.1-scale earthquake struck Yushu County of Yushu Prefecture in Qinghai, causing significant casualty and property damage. On the very day of the earthquake, GCL made a swift donation of 100,000 yuan to the quake-stricken area, making it the first insurer giving the donation.

In 2012 GCL launched Lokar Bianca Growth Plan, a program aiming at helping students of Yunnan Zhenyuan Sanhe GCL Hope Primary School and Manling Primary School in Jianzhu Miao Ethnic Town, Gulin County, Luzhou City of Sichuan. The plan helps 340 students every year, and accumulatively collected more than 120,000 yuan as the charity fund.

In 2015, GCL actively participated in the global “Earth Hour” event, to express its determination to support environmental protection through the action of “Save power for one hour to reduce carbon emission”; GCL also collected over 120,000 yuan for a special charity fund to install water purification devices for Yunnan Zhenyuan Sanhe GCL Hope Primary School.

Loving and protecting life is the sincerest wish of every member of GCL.