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  • February

    In February, GCL held a ceremony to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

    In February, "GCL Lifetime Wellness Group Critical Illness Insurance (RuiXiang Edition)" was listed in the Best Reputed Lifetime Critical Illness Insurance Products by the China Banking and Insurance News.

  • March

    In March, GCL's star-rated service system won the first industry award with the inclusion of its star-rated service "Guaranteed Green Pass, Warm-hearted Service by GCL" in the "2021 Typical Protection of Financial Consumer Rights" by the China Banking and Insurance News.

  • May

    In May, GCL initiated the emergency response to claims in a quick response to the April 29 special major collapse of self-built houses in Hunan Province. It introduced a number of emergency service measures, proactively conducted a customer investigation, and completed the payments in only two days.

  • July

    In July, GCL launched the national customer service hotline 956156 to unify inbound and outbound number display and enhance the customer service number recognition and brand image.

    In July, "GCL Additional Enjoyment (Celebration Edition) Medical Insurance (Rate Adjustable)" made into the "Annual Product Innovation List" of the 7th China Insurance Industry Award sponsored by the National Business Daily.
  • September

    In September, GCL scored 88.18 points in the 2022 Q1 Insurance Service Quality Index issued by the China Banking and Insurance Information Technology Management Co., Ltd, ranking 9th among 79 life insurers, which marks GCL services are at the forefront of the industry.

  • November

    In November, the "GCL Asset––Safe and Stable No.4 Asset Management Product" won the "Golden Bull Award for Portfolio Insurance Asset Management Product (Fixed Income Category)".

  • December

    In December, "GCL-Shandong Highway Infrastructure Debt Investment Plan" won the "2022 Ark Award for Innovation of Insurance Funds in Support of the Real Sector"; GCL Assets Management Co., Ltd obtained nine awards in the 5th Insurance Asset Management Product Innovation Promotion.

    In December, the "Easy Elderly Life" home health care service was named as "Insurance Plus Health Care Model of the Year" by the Insurance Today.

  • January

    In January, GCL upgraded its services in an active response to the COVID-19 epidemic by extending the extended liability period again to June 30, 2021 on top of the original 51 disease insurance products.

  • February

    In February, GCL launched the health management program––GCL Healthkeeper, which integrates high-quality medical resources to build a comprehensive health management ecosystem of "product protection plus health management", and provides clients with integrated whole-process caretaker service ranging from medical assessment and consultation arrangement to post-consultation escort and rehabilitation guidance.

  • April

    In April, GCL "Lifetime Wellness" Critical Illness Insurance was awarded the "Critical Illness Product of the Year" in the "Strict Selection––Deep Love" 2020 Annual Insurance Product Competition organized by the China Banking and Insurance News.

  • May

    In May, GCL successfully completed the acceptance test of the Shenzhen government project of critical illness product system and officially kicked off online selling.

  • June

    In June, GCL entered into Internet insurance business cooperation with China Guangfa Bank and started selling online.

  • July

    In July, GCL was named as "Outstanding Foreign Ventured Insurer" in the 2020 China Insurance Industry Award sponsored by the National Business Daily.

    In July, GCL created a green pass to streamline the claim procedures in an active response to the June 25 Zhecheng fire and the July 20 Zhengzhou rainstorm in Henan Province, making it the first in the industry to complete the payments.

  • August

    In August, GCL Shijiazhuang Central Sub-branch was established.

  • October

    In October, GCL was awarded the "Outstanding Life Insurer of the Year" at the 12th Golden Tripod Award organized by the National Business Daily.

  • November

    In November, GCL was named as "Enterprise of the Year for Product and Service Innovation" in the China Insurance Industry Excellence Award for its innovative development model of "product plus service" and the innovative health management value-added service GCL Healthkeeper.

  • December

    In December, GCL won the title of "Best Foreign Ventured Insurer of the Year" in the "Financial Institution Gold Medal List––Golden Dragon Award" organized by the Financial Times.

    In December, GCL legal compliance team was included in "ALB China Top 15 In-house Teams of the Year" by Asian Legal Business (ALB) owned by Thomson Reuters.

  • January

    In January, GCL initiated an emergency plan and created a green pass for reimbursement among several initiatives in an active response to the COVID-19 epidemic, and quickly completed the first COVID-19 claim reimbursement in the system.

  • February

    In February, GCL launched "Yixin Insurance" with extended liability in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, extending the insurance coverage to death and disability caused by the COVID-19 infection, and introduced eight service initiatives for the COVID-19 claims.

  • June

    In June, GCL "One-Day Fast Reimbursement for Critical Illnesses Issuance Up to RMB 1 Million" was awarded the "Influential Claim of the Year 2019-2020" by the China Banking and Insurance News.

    In June, GCL donated nearly 1,000 air disinfection machines worth RMB 5 million to 35 elementary schools in the infected areas in Hubei Province under the "Campus Protection Donation Program".

  • July

    In July, GCL was named as "Foreign Ventured Insurer of the Year" in the 2020 China Insurance Industry Award sponsored by the National Business Daily.

  • October

    In October, the total number of downloads and registrations of the App iGCL exceeded 1 million, bringing customers a direct, accurate and personalized digital experience.

  • December

    In December, GCL was awarded the "Most Influential Brand of the Year" in the IAI International Advertising Awards.

    In December, GCL was named as "Most Competitive Insurer of the Year" in the "Financial Institution Gold Medal List––Golden Dragon Award" organized by the Financial Times.

    In December, GCL won the title of "Extraordinary Diversified Employer of the Year in Beijing" by

  • March

    In March, GCL Information Security System obtained the ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management System.

  • April

    In April, GCL provided insurance services as the only official insurance sponsor for the 2019 Beijing International Running Festival and Beijing Half Marathon.

  • May

    In May, GCL Shandong Branch was included in the "Top 10 Promising Shandong Brands of the Year".

  • July

    In July, GCL launched video customer service, marking the entry into the video era of GCL customer service.

  • August

    In August, GCL Henan Branch organized GCL summer camp for diabetic children together with Henan Children's Hospital.

  • November

    In November, GCL Intelligent Customer Service Center won the "2019 China Customer Contact Center Award––Customer Reputation Award" issued by the Customer Contact Center Committee of China Information Industry Association.

  • December

    In December, GCL Chongqing Branch was established.

    In December, GCL Heilongjiang Branch launched the "Spread Kindness in Longjiang" charity campaign, for which it was recognized as "Model Charity Organization" by the Bureau of Civil Affairs of Xiangfang District.

    In December, GCL Identity Verification Platform won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Product Innovation in Financial Technology" under the Financial Computerizing 2019 Financial Technology and Service Innovation Award.

  • January

    In January, GCL Fuxi Annuity Insurance was listed as "Star Product of the Year 2017" in the 11th Financial Billboard by the

  • March

    In March, GCL "Flight Insurance System Project" won the "2017 China Insurance Industry Information Technology Breakthrough Project Award" issued by China Information Industry Association and China Financial CIO Alliance.

  • June

    In June, GCL Shanghai Branch participated at invitation in the celebrations for Italian National Day organized by the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai.

  • August

    In August, GCL Shandong Branch made a donation to the typhoon-hit area in Shouguang, helping the affected people combat the disaster and restore production.

  • September

    In September, the App iGCL won the third prize in the "2018 Selection and Demonstration of Typical Cases of Information Technology Development in China Insurance Industry".

  • October

    In October, GCL signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation and Bank of Kunlun to jointly create and issue CNPC Kunlun gas credit card, which integrates the features of credit card and gas card and supports insurance services, roadside assistance, vehicle washing, airport VIP lounge and other services and benefits.

  • December

    In December, the App iGCL was awarded the "Product Innovation Outstanding Contribution Award" sponsored by the Financial Computerizing.

    In December, GCL was awarded the"Most Innovative Insurer of the Year" in the "Financial Institution Gold Medal List––Golden Dragon Award" organized by the Financial Times.

  • January

    GCL launched Happiness and Joy Yearly Endowment Insurance (Par Whole Life) plan, which is GCL’s first such product after the premium reform of participating insurances.

  • February

    GCL completed a case with the biggest single claim since its establishment and paid a claim of over 10 million yuan to the client.

  • March

    GCL promoted “Online Health Consultation” service via its WeChat service account “GCL Customer Center” (gclife).

    GCL Shanghai Branch held a “10th Anniversary Ceremony”.

  • April

    GCL was rated A as shown in the classified supervision evaluation result Q1-Q4 2015 released by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

  • May

    GCL conducted policy interest review services across the country, providing customers with self-service search tools to ensure that customers’ full interest will be guaranteed.

  • June

    GCL initiated emergency plan immediately after Funing Area of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, was hit by disastrous hailstones and tornadoes on June 23. GCL also set up an emergency work group to check up customers and coordinate with local government and regulatory authorities to conduct relevant works.

  • July

    GCL held “Experts on Insurance: A Glance of GCL”, a wealth forum in Beijing, which is one of the series events of GCL July 8 Insurance Publicity Day. With the theme of “Future Development of Insurance Market”, the forum has invited Yang Yansui, Director of Research Center of Employment and Social Security of Tsinghua University.

  • August

    GCL Zhejiang Branch was set up, becoming the 13th provincial branch since the establishment of GCL.

  • September

    The Chinese shareholder China National Petroleum Corporation transferred all its shares of the company at zero cost to its wholly-owned subsidiary CNPC Capital Company Limited.

    GCL “Little Jelly Bean” Care Foundation was officially set up. GCL Executive Deputy General Manager Xiao Wenjian was present at the founding ceremony.

  • October

    GCL won “Award for the Best Creative Idea of July 8 National Insurance Publicity Day 2016” in the selection of “Commendation for Winnings of Insurance Public Publicity Competition 2016” by Insurance Association of China.

    On October 18, with the theme of “GCL: Care for Your Health”, the 3rd GCL Customer Service Festival was unveiled across China.

  • November

    GCL won Employer with Extraordinary Reforms Beijing 2016 by

  • December

    In the event of “2016 Annual Insurance Product Selection” jointly held by China Insurance News, and Sina Finance, “GCL Life Serious Illness Plan” won the title of “Annual Award of Health Insurance Product”.

    In the “14th Financial Annual Champion Awards” jointly sponsored by and Center for Research and Design of China Securities Market, GCL was once again awarded “Most Influential Joint Venture Insurer of the Year”.

  • January

    GCL officially published its mobile application client terminal “GCL Electronic Policy” APP, which creatively combines mobile phone and the full process of insurance services. By self-service, electronic contracting, and integration of service and sales, the app has enabled the equation “mobile phone=policy”. GCL paid a claim of 6 million yuan to the family of a customer who had died in a traffic accident. This has been the biggest individual claim since the establishment of GCL.

    GCL was awarded “China Financial Value Ranking: Annual Award for Foreign-funded Insurer”. Initiated by China Business News, China Financial Value Ranking is an annual selection brand of financial industry made by the consolidated efforts across the entire platform of China Business Network. It has been publishing competitive ranking of industrial authority and guiding force every year since 2007.

    GCL “Worry-free Life” Medical Security Plan was awarded “Best Innovative Insurance Product of the Year” at “2014 China Financial Development Forum and Awarding Ceremony of the 5th Golden Tripod Awards”.

  • February

    “GCL Annual Annuity Comprehensive Security Plan” was awarded “Insurance Product that is Most Trusted by Consumers 2014” at the “8th Huaxia Organization Investment Forum and Awarding Ceremony of Golden Cicada Award”.

  • March

    GCL held a meeting to mobilize the implementation of “China Risk Oriented Solvency System” (C-ROSS).

  • May

    Representatives with GCL Sichuan Branch sent gifts to Manling Primary School Jianzhu Miao Ethnic Town of Gulin, Luzhou, one of the schools with the support of “Lokar Bianca Growth Plan”.

  • June

    On hearing the sinking accident of “Oriental Star”, GCL immediately activated the emergency plan and set up an emergency work leadership group, positively learned about the rescue progress and conducted information inspection of customers through each branch.

  • August

    On hearing the explosions at Tianjin Tanggu Development Zone, GCL immediately activated the emergency plan and set up an emergency work group to actively checked up customers and coordinate with local government and regulatory authorities in relevant work.

  • September

    GCL Henan Branch was official founded to become the 12th provincial branch of GCL.

  • October

    GCL employees won awards of Core Talent of “Thousand Talents Program” and Gold Medal Trainer of China insurance industry at the “1st Summit of Human Resources Development of China Insurance Industry and 2015 Annual Meetings of Special Committee of Human Resources Development and Special Committee of Education and Training of Insurance Association of China”.

  • December

    On hearing the mudslide accident at Hengtaiyu Industrial Park, Fenghuang Community, Guangming New Area of Shenzhen City, GCL immediately activated the emergency plan, set up an emergency work group, actively checked up customers and coordinate with local government and regulatory authorities in relevant work.

  • January 7

    Yingkou Central Sub-office of GCL Liaoning Branch was approved for opening.

  • January 6-13

    GCL Beijing Branch held a charity event “Love Week” and collected a charity fund of 9,255 yuan. The money has transferred in full to Yunnan China Youth Development Foundation.

  • January 14

    GCL Guangdong Branch was awarded 2013 “Insurer with the Greatest Social Responsibility” of Financial Industry of the Zhujiang River Delta, and continued to hold the title of the “Best Foreign-funded Insurer”. “GCL Annuity Comprehensive Security Plan” was awarded “Most Popular Bank and Insurance Product among Citizens”.

  • January 16

    GCL “Life-long Security Plan was awarded “The Most Competitive Product of the Year” China Insurance Awards 2013 by China Insurance Marketing.

  • March 8

    approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission, GCL increased its registered capital from 3.3 billion yuan to 3.7 billion yuan. After MH370 of Malaysia Airline lost contact, GCL responded swiftly and set up an emergency work leadership group for relevant claim and services.

  • March 13

    GCL Beijing Branch held “A Decade with Beijing Branch, A Life with GCL” and celebration of the 10th anniversary of GCL Beijing Branch.

  • July 1

    Harbin Central Sub-office of Heilongjiang Branch was approved for opening.

  • August 1

    GCL Guangdong Branch announced both in Corporate Official WeChat Account and Sina Official Weibo and initiated the 3rd “Willing to Be Your Wing” Poverty Relief Charity Auction, donating 15,000+ yuan to “GCL Charity Fund” for helping relieve the poverty-stricken Dulou Village, Futang Township, Lianshan County, Qingyuan City of North Guangdong Province.

  • August 15

    GCL Zibo Central Sub-office opened.

  • September 1

    GCL Shandong Branch held a celebration for its 5th anniversary.

  • September 23

    GCL Hubei Branch was approved for opening.

  • October 23

    GCL first National Customer Service Festival was launched.

  • November 1

    GCL Guangdong Branch won “Best Joint Venture Insurer of the Year” and “Most Popular Insurer of the Year” at “Golden Lion Award” Zhujiang Delta Insurance Industry Champion 2014.

  • November 28

    Yi’nan Sales and Marketing Service Department of GCL Linyi Central Sub-office was approved and opened.

  • Appointment and Removal of Personne

    December 20

    Appoint Ms. Cao Lei to be GCL Deputy General Manager.

    December 12

    Appoint Ms. He Yan to be GCL Financial Controller.

    December 26

    Appoint Mr. Zhang Yukun to be head of Shandong Branch (temporary).

  • Awards and Charity Activities

    April 20

    After earthquake in Sichuan Ya’an, GCL immediately activated emergency plan for major disaster and opened a green channel for claims. In the meantime, GCL donated 1 million yuan in total to the disaster-hit area and donated insurance worth 80 million to rescue team members. It is the first joint venture life insurer that has given donation to the disaster-hit areas.

    July 1

    Shanghai Branch assisted students majoring in the teacher profession of the 2012 enrollment of Shanghai Normal University to provide teaching support for “Zhenyuan Tianba Sanhe GCL Hope Primary School”, Pu’er City of Yunnan.

    August 1

    Liaoning Branch donated 10,000 yuan to flood-stricken areas of Qingyuan, Fushun City, and collected clothes and food worth over 2,000 yuan for the areas. In the meantime, GCL set up “GCL Insurance Claim Point” and opened a 24-hour customer service hotline.

    November 30

    Zhao Yu, Zhao Ying, Liu Xuejiao of GCL Huizhou Sub-office set up a “The Three Musketeers” team, together with financial planner of Sichuan Branch Liu Xin and head of TFE project of the headquarters Ren Yong, attended the 8th National Top 10 Financial Planner and achieved outstanding results.

    December 5

    GCL was granted “Award of Prudent Operation of the Year 2013” at “21st Century Asia Financial Annual Meeting 2013 & 21st Century Insurance Annual Meeting”.

    December 13

    GCL “Golden Wallet” Wealth Plan won “Best Innovative Insurance Product of the Year” at the “Awarding Ceremony of China Financial Development Forum 2013 and Awarding Ceremony of the 4th Golden Tripod Awards” by National Business Daily.

    December 13

    Sponsored by Chengdu Evening News, a local mainstream newspaper and media, “2013 (Chengdu) Financial Overall Ranking” was unveiled in Chengdu. GCL Sichuan Branch won the “Most Trustworthy Insurance Brand” once again and “Award for Best Comprehensive Service”, showing approval for GCL’s creditable brand and high quality service in Sichuan.

    December 18

    GCL Beijing Branch once again named “Top 10 Beijing Insurers with Overall Strength”.

  • New Product Launch

    April 10

    “GCL Fuyong Xiangban Endowment Insurance” was launched.

    April 23

    “GCL Additional Traffic Personal Accident Insurance” was launched.

    May 20

    “GCL Additional Million-yuan Baby Special Disease Insurance” was launched.

    June 24

    “GCL Kunlun Caring Lifelong Disease Insurance” was launched.

    August 26

    “GCL Prime Kangyixing Endowment Insurance (Par)” and other new products was launched.

    August 28

    New type of “GCL Kunlun Caring Lifelong Disease Insurance” was launched.

    October 18

    China’s first “Guaranteed Premium Renewable Term for Risk Safeguard Group Insurance”.

  • Structural Change

    May 23

    GCL Assets Management Co., Ltd. opened for business.

    June 8

    Huadu Marketing Outlet of GCL Guangdong Branch opened for business.

    July 4

    GCL Guangdong Branch approved to prepare and set up Zhongshan Nantou Marketing Outlet.

    August 13

    Liaoning Branch Xiuyan Sub-office was approved for preparation.

    October 23

    Opening of Xiuyan Sub-office was approved by Bureau of the CIRC.

    November 8

    Jiangsu Bureau of the CIRC approved to set up Liuhe Marketing Outlet of GCL Jiangsu Branch.

    November 15

    GCL Shaanxi Branch Telephone Sales Center was rebuilt into Xi’an Telephone Sales Center.

    November 18

    Gaoxin Marketing Outlet of Shaanxi Branch was changed and renamed Changqing Marketing Outlet.

    November -December

    GCL Guangdong Telephone Sales Center, Xi’an Telephone Sales Center and Beijing Telephone Sales Center received their respective professional telephone sales license by local Bureau of the CIRC.

    December 26

    Shandong Bureau of the CIRC approved preparation of Zibo Central Sub-office.

    December 31

    Gaoling Longfengyuan Marketing Outlet of Shaanxi Branch approved.

  • Customer Service

    July 15

    EA-GCS Overseas Direct Payment Service was open fully. GCL Global Medical Service has extended from merely 30+ countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, Macao and the US, to over 130 countries and regions.

    July 18

    The GCL internal official platform for service for oil clients was officially online.

  • New System Release

    August 30

    GCL held a press conference of “AirB!z” - A New Model of Wealth Management (Guangzhou)”.

  • Major Projects

    August -September

    GCL first used a national e-sales system that first came online in Beijing, Xi’an, Guangdong and other major e-sales centers.

  • Major Meetings

    September 6

    GCL Beijing Branch held a GCL Employee Welfare Forum (Beijing Station), and VIP customers and senior HR managers of Fortune 500 attended the forum.

    November 20-22

    Mr. Sergio Balbinot, Chief Insurance Officer of Generali Group & Vice Chairman of GCL attended 2013 International Consultation Meeting on Guangdong Economic Development held in Guangzhou.

    December 24-25

    With the theme of “Transformation and Service Upgrade, Focus on Growth of Value”, GCL 2014 Operation Planning Meeting was held in Beijing.