• Value-Added & Innovation

    Innovation is the soul of Generali China Life. We set up innovation service center in the Headquarter of Group Business Department responsible for constantly providing innovative service to our client and improving the senses of enjoying service. Now we provide following value-added service to our clients:


    Guarantee Renew. 


    As the 1st insurance vendor who could provide guarantee renew in Chinese market, we promise to our clients that once choosing guarantee renew, we would not adjust or deny the coverage of individual suffered from dread diseases or significant accidents. The adjustment of premium depends on the risk of the whole group not specific insured. More information for guarantee renew, you could contact with our local employee benefit consultant.


    Guide for transition period.


    When clients decide to transfer the insurance vendor to GCL, we’ll help HR to make guide during this transition period aiming to avoid the confusion from employees and lessen the HR’s workload.


    Remote Terminal.


    This machine is designed and developed by GCL independently. With self-service terminal machine, employees could inquiry benefit plan, claim details and other individual information. In future, we intend to exploit more functions like auto-contribution.


    Other value-added service.


    Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence is online system developed by GCL ourselves. HR or Broker companies could download useful information from this warehouse with specific format. Every year, we’ll hold HR hot point seminar and issue < Employee Insurance Benefit & Claim Analysis Report>. All of this is aim to help our clients to realize the latest news or trend for employee benefit in the market.