• Services




    Standard Service


    · Direct Billing Service around the World


        Use the Generali China high-end medical insurance card to receive medical service in a GCL network hospital. Hospitals bill directly to the insurance company, which saves clients the time of reimbursement.







    · 24-hour Exclusive Customer Service Center


        GCL exclusive corporate hotline 400-888-7555 operates 24/7 to provide a comprehensive, professional bilingual service and make sure our clients get the care they need, when they need it.


    · Hospital Appointment Service


         GCL assists customers in making appointments via the green channel to make sure they get comprehensive high-end medical service.  


    ·  Online Service Platform


        GCL's IT system allows real-time information query that is quick, convenient and accurate. Employees can visit GCL's official website anywhere, anytime and browse personal account information through its multi-terminal service platform.


    ·  Second Medical Opinion


         In case of critical illness, the GCL medical team may seek medical resources to offer second opinion and hospital referral.


    · Global Assistance


         Medical Service

    · Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

    · Repatriation of mortal remains

    · Online medical consultation and illness assessment


        Personal Assistance Service

    · Dependent children escort

    · Compassionate visit of next of kin

    · Assistance in the event of lost luggage or passport (abroad)

    · Translation referral (abroad)

    · Travel information enquiry and emergent information transfer (abroad)


        Legal Referral (abroad)


    ·  “Chunyu Doctor” Online Medical Consultation


       “Chunyu Doctor” is a health consultation platform with 410,000 registered doctors. Customers may use the spare time to consult with doctors for an unlimited time, to the benefit of their whole family. The service is offered 24/7, and the response is within 3 minutes. There are about 330,000 health questions answered on the platform everyday, as people gain from the platform’s privacy and wealth of knowledge.


    Value-added Service


    · On-site Hospital Representative


        GCL's dispatched hospital representatives provide hospital guidance, benefit inquiry, coordination of logistic issues, and assistance in payments, claims and pre-authorization in VIP Ward in Shanghai East Hospital, International Medical Services (IMS) of Huashan Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital and China-Japan Friendship Hospital. We will increase the number of on-site representatives based on our clients’ demand.


    · Full Data Analysis


    GCL provides quarterly or biannual claim and service reports to offer better service and optimal benefits solutions through a collaborative approach, strengthens control of claim risks, and reduce medical benefits expenses.


    ·  Employee Benefits Insurance Experience Study in China


        With its own corporate client database, GCL undergoes statistical analysis on insurance benefits plan, medical-seeking behavior, employee benefits trend and other insurance benefits matters each year. The insurance experience study is presented in the form of chart and data with diversification, making it easier to understand and highlights its reference value.


    ·  Annual HR Forum


        From time to time, GCL invites well-known consultants and legal advisers to share their experience to help HR follow the market trends.